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Why a Nursing Necklace?


First of all, what are nursing necklaces? They go by multiple different names: teething necklaces, breastfeeding necklaces, or silicone jewelry. But no matter what you call them, nursing necklaces are used while breast- or bottle-feeding, teething, and more to keep your baby focused, happy, and curious. Over the past few years, nursing necklaces have become more and more popular for mothers and other caregivers. So, as nursing necklaces’ popularity continues to grow, here are the top 5 benefits of using a nursing necklace:


  1.  Increase Focus 

When moms or caregivers wear a nursing necklace, they help your baby focus on feeding and reduce distractions while nursing! The bright colors and soft silicone beads help to decrease or stop any fidgeting, hair pulling, pinching, or biting while keeping your baby’s attention focused on the breast or the bottle. More focus leads to longer feeding, which creates full and happy babies!


  1.  Safety

Nursing necklaces are made to be attention-grabbing to capture your little one’s attention while still being sturdy enough to be yanked and pulled. Moms and caregivers wear the necklace so there’s no choking risk for your baby. Also, the silicone beads are durable and easy to clean while being heat and water resistant and BPA-free!


  1.  Teething Aid

On top of being a nursing aid, nursing necklaces also double as teething necklaces. The silicone beads are soft, yet durable, so your baby can bite and play with the necklace while you are holding them. The silicone material is smooth and sturdy to soothe sore gums during teething. Once again, nursing necklaces are easy to wash so let your little one bite away!


  1.  Visual and tactile stimulation

Along with being fun to play with, nursing necklaces can work to aid your baby’s tactile and visual stimulation. The soft texture, bright colors and different shapes improves hand to eye coordination. Also, these elements also help to promote cognitive development and growth for your baby!


  1.  Style

With an array of different colors and styles, nursing necklaces double as a cute and stylish accessory for moms! Also, because nursing necklaces sole purpose is not for breastfeeding, nursing necklaces can be worn by grandma, the babysitter, and anyone else who is a caregiver for your baby.